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a have great respect from him from a foreign standpoint. >> he is the former u.s. ambassador? >> to the united nations. and a personal friend. i would add this -- we need to enhance our cia. the intel i get in classified briefings is terrible. it is a shame. i cannot talk about what it is, but i will tell you why did political responses that are from the public sources and briefings that are supposed to be top secret. we have gone down a long way in our intel. that has to change, because that let us be more mobile. >> is there a circumstance in which you would see that you could vote for a resolution to enter a war in iran? >> could you repeat the question? >> is there a circumstance in which you could vote for a war on iran? >> we have to do everything we need to do to make sure that iran does not a nuclear weapon. israel is our best friend. we need to protect israel. yes, obviously i could if it were in the strategic best interest of the country and the
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strategic best interest of israel, which is often the strategic best interest of the country. we need to keep iran from a nuclear weapon, but we need to do everything -- sanctions seem to be working now. when the best things is that we have involved other nations in basically forcing iran to allow people to come and. >> just to clarify, i think i heard you say that under extreme circumstances you could a vote to support israel in going to war against iran. >> it would be extreme circumstances. we need to do everything we can, and there are lots of things we can do even apart from sanctions. this goes back to being nimble and strategic in terms of how we deal with this piece in question. >> i have supported israel for a long time. i will continue to support israel. our intel -- i have said, i have doubts about it. israel does not get to make a mistake. is a fatal mistake for the
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nation of israel if they except the idea i heard out of vice president joe biden that he thinks that is as much as four years away before iran has a nuclear. we cannot tolerate that and let that happen. but i do not have my hands and the intel that tells us when it happens. here's what i said -- i would recommend to the president that he say, mr. ahmadinejad -- this will be from good intel, when they will get there. that will send a message, we will work so that you can save face as an individual and nation, we will do it diplomatically, but we will deconstruct your nuclear endeavor. if not, when that day arrives in the calendar, it is over. we cannot let them get a nuclear weapon. >> mrs. vilsack, president obama has approved the use of unmanned drones to fight terrorists around the world -- that concerns some members of your party. are you concerned about that?
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>> not particularly. i think it is part of a strategy i am talking about -- there are a lot of different things that we need to be able to do. there are people who will be able to decide when it is the best time to use drones or any of the other tools we have to be strategic and nimble and our response. so i do not have any particular problem. >> mr. king, libertarians in your party have a view of drones that is not terribly positive. what is your view? >> i think the utilization of them to take that leadership of al qaeda has been an effective means in that part of the world. it is a case by case basis. i would not say i would remove the authority from the president to protect us. he needs to have that authority as commander in chief. i am not critical of those. >> a kind of war -- a trade war possibly is spoken of as hypothetical with china, with currency manipulation and other trade policies. how aggressive should this
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country be in its trade policies with china? what specifically? >> more aggressive than they are. i have gone to china to go in there and engage with negotiations. i have pressed hard against the theft of u.s. intellectual property. it seems to be a pattern. they will sit around a table and say, okay, we will find these people and put some in prison. in reality it comes out of one pocket and into the other in china. i have introduced legislation that directs a u.s. trade representative to determine the value of the loss of u.s. intellectual property to the pirates of that from china. they would then levy a duty on
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products from china echo and to recover that loss and distributed to the people who of the right to the property. >> mrs. vilsack, do we have a problem with trading with china? how should we modify? >> we need to continue to develop trade with china as we have our broader trade relationships around the world. i think we need to enforce our trade agreements with china. we need to be tough on them. they are -- there is a problem with intellectual property. they do not see that intellectual property -- i have also been there. >> do you agree with mr. king? >> probably. >> mr. king, earlier this month your colleague, with a republican congressman, said he was unhappy with the rules of engagement in afghanistan and would support bringing troops home tomorrow. you sure that you? >> i would not look into that strategically to see what that really means in the aftermath, but i will say that advocacy is more open than it was a year
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ago. at this point i would say that our commander-in-chief has not articulated a mission in afghanistan. it is awfully hard to keep troops in a place in the not have a mission articulate it. i had some of that discipline and with president bush and the middle of the iraq operation as well, but if we pull out, what happens in the aftermath? >> i would rather that mitt romney laid out the proposal for afghanistan, and have some proposals that would lay out what i think is a better result. the proposals are strategic and dangerous to talk about on public and national television, but i will just say that i expect there would be a civil war in afghanistan if we pulled out immediately. there are ways to bring that together in such a way that people can be represented in governments in a more effective
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fashion than they are now. president karzai has been handed a constitution where he rules the whole country. a saint would use that power. he has abused that power. i would like to look into a new constitution that would represent the people in afghanistan better than today. >> time for a new constitution in afghanistan? >> i think that we need to first of all make sure that everybody who has served there in this country, that we recognize they did everything that we asked them to do. in the and they have been asked to help train police forces. much like the national guard, they have been asked to help train them so they can take care of their own country. they need to do that. the sooner we can get out of afghanistan, the better. we need to invite these gentle back to the small communities of this district. we need to build here. we need to build infrastructure here. >> not that you are not saying
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something important, but i promised you earlier we would get to the farm bill. the prior farm bill has expired for about a month. when congress will be addressing -- the new farm bill, there'll be pressure to have limited spending. what could you do, mr. king, to perhaps persuade urban representatives to want to spend money for a nice plump farm bill that helps iowa farmers? >> i have been working on this bill for a year-and-a-half. people on staff, we can be inside the shop to help shape that language. i passed it out of the agriculture committee. one thing i have done is make sure we have bipartisan support on the bill. there were only allowed in no votes coming out of committee. now it looks like there are two components. our producers have willingly given up direct payments.
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that is a big thing. they stepped up and said we are willing to except the elimination of direct payments. i said my job is to hold onto crop insurance. i believe i am in a position to do that. so far i have done that. we have an impasse now between those who do not want to take a single dollar off of anybody's plate, the food stamp argument, at least 70% of this farm bill, and as to say they want no farm subsidies whatsoever. those refused to except a cut in food stamps are far greater than those who say they do not want any farm subsidies. >> we only have just a few seconds left -- i would like to have the last. >> there is no farm bill. a petition was put on the house floor to pass the farm bill. other congressmen supported it. nancy pelosi supported it. congressman king has not. he has not led on this issue, and as a result we do not have a
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farm bill, the most important legislation to people in this district. he should be held accountable. >> 60 agriculture or groups support me. i do not know if there are any that support mrs. vilsack. >> i have traveled all around the world with members of the ag group. i've seen them in action. they know i can represent them because i have been doing for the eight years i was first lady. >> mr. king, name one thing you would do differently to make congress function. >> i did not prepare myself for that answer. as a person in public life, i've had $7 million poured over my head, attacking the four things i did not say. i will say this -- on the missouri river bill, which i've yet to hear a position on from any vilsack in this country --
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we were doing that for months. we were under water all summer. i introduced legislation. i should have gone broader. >> a few seconds left -- that will give you a chance to answer that. dysfunctional congress -- could you as a novice change anything? >> i think i can. i think i am the kind of person -- i want to expand the definition of being a congressperson to being a spokesperson for my state. i think i am the kind of person who, if you are going to hire someone to be a spokesperson, you would hire somebody who can speak to all the issues, who can bring different groups together and go around the country to explain what we do here. we do take care of our animals, we are stewards of the land. i could explain why biofuels and wind are important to the economy the whole country.
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i can be a spokesperson in a way congressman king cannot. >> the final seconds just to say thank you very much for spending time with us. a very much appreciated. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have completed our four weeks of special debate editions. you will see the first district congressional candidates in their only televised debate this year. republic and ben lange and democrat bruce braley. live from dubuque. we will show it at our usual press times and again on sunday. thanks for joining us today. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012]
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>> tomorrow morning, we will talk about how polls are conducted and analyze. new technology challenges the industry. scott is our guest followed by a spotlight on colorado beginning with an overview of the state with curtis hubbard the denver post. and we will see how the republicans are campaigning with strategist sean tonner. and in analysis of president obama's strategy to elected democrats with rick palacio. "washington journal" is live at
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7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> we have a simple proposition. you can embrace the kind of approaches he has embraced. -- she has embraced. it has no new revenue, even for the wealthiest americans. it would require cuts in social security and medicare. or we can embrace a balanced approach. that is what i support. we can go back to the kind of rates we had under the clinton administration when people were doing well and the economy was growing. we're going to have to make tough choices. >> your bottle? >> it is amazing to me you can stand here having voted for chilean dollar deficits for the
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last four years, the largest increase in american history and say we have to control spending. you have done nothing to control spending. with respect to cut, a cap, and balance, capping the ability of congress to spend money we do not have, balancing the budget is extreme. i think it would force congress to set priorities and stop funding things like solyndra. that is why support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> it is one of the races you can follow on c-span, c-span radio, and online. >> as hurricane sandy proceeds, there are still in the bates across the country. rhode island will hold a debate
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between david and the republican challenger. our coverage of that debate begins thursday at 7:30 p.m. eastern. mitt romney asked supporters to help victims affected by hurricane sandy. he was joined by a congressman from ohio. this is 37 minutes. ♪
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>> avon lake. i say, avon lake is fired up today. thank you all for being here. and i want to thank mary taylor to make sure ohio meets its potential. but they can't do it on their own. they need someone they can work with, and that's mitt romney. folks, 8 more days. now, three days ago i was at the avon lake victory center.
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and the place was packed. people were enthused. they could see help is on the way with mitt romney and paul ryan. [applause] >> let me ask you, will you do everything you can do to ensure we can bring back america's promise. are you going to do it? put up your hand if you're going to make phone calls, commit to mitt today. let me see your hands. commit to mitt. this year, in ohio, you can commit early to mitt. go down to lorraine, 1985 north ridge road and vote early.
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you can leave after the event here -- and then on election day we cna find five people we know to get to the polls to commit to mitt. going for it. and we have to help the republican team. he needs a team that is with him. we have to make sure jim is reelected. jim jordan, bob gibbs are here. and i want to be the senior senator from ohio. we need josh mandel in ohio. we need him now. you know, president obama -- over the last four years has made a lot of decisions.
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some of them, he siad would result in new jobs that haven't happened. he said he'd cut the deficit. it hasn't happened. we have someone who is running for president who knows how to bring back jobs. he has the experience. he has the experience and the record nd he knows how to work with democrats and republicans and that's why we need mitt romney to fix what's broken and bring back the american dream. i see a uaw member here in front of me. i will talk autos in a way that is straight talk.
1:21 am
obama said a few things that, as he said, were "whoppers." he said, you wanted to take those companies through bankruptcy. it was obama who took gm and chrysler through bankruptcy. it was mitt romney who did provide for loan guarantees. every fact-checker who looked has said that barack obama was wrong and was not telling the truth. this is what is most important, with the communities depending on autos. the policies that will be good for the auto industry, for the state of ohio. [applause]
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he wants sensible regulations, for the auto companies and to make sure we can get the auto companies on their feet and make sure trade is fair. he wants worker retraining to work better. that will keep auto jobs in ohio. and strengthen the industry. that is what mitt romney will do. fourths -- we're in the quarter and the score is tied. we're in the red zone. the momentum is on our side. will we be sure we take mitt romney over the goal line in the next eight days?
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ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> thank you. [applause] >> what an avon lake welcome. it is an honor to be with you. than, you, sen. portman, and sen. taylor. he was my sparring partner in debate prep. it is nice not to argue with him.
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it is good to have him on the campaign trail. and congressman jim's work. we have to reelect him as the next congressman in the district. we have chairman reince priebus. we are happy to have him. the former cleveland browns great, gary baxter. he is here. and i appreciate his support in the campaign. i have been heartened by the support we're recieving. the attention on this race is because people understand how much is at stake. it is a critical time for the country. we face challenges, massive
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debt, and an economy that is not putting our people to work. young people coming out of college can't find work. china, which is going to be a major economic power. it has been taking a lot of jobs from people in ohio, with radical violent jihadists. this is a big election about big things, and i am proud we are focusing on what we'll do to bring real chance to a country that needs it. we have a president today that -- has a different view about us being on the right track. my view is that this is a turning point for america.
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and those people who want change from day one will vote for paul ryan and myself. as i go across the country, i recognize that people don't want 23 million americans out of work, looking for a good job. administrations comfortable with trillion dollar deficits and kids not getting jobs out of college, and they don't like the gridlock in washington. over the coming days, i will talk to people across the country about what those changes look like. this is detailed but let me put this in perspective.
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the ability of america to create jobs for american workers is about the peolpe who hire people -- and if companies that have been around a long time will build factories and hire more people. if you want good jobs getting out of school -- you have to see entreprenuers starting businesses and big companies growing. you have seen big companies going elsewhere as entreprenuers pull back. we are at a 30 year low in new businesses. one reason they do not invest in america is as they look around the world and see how much they have to pay, we pay more to government than any other major country in the world.
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the corporate tax rate is down to 25% in europe. ours is 35%. canada brought the tax rate down to 15%. businesses go there to save money. what i will do is bring the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. now, you might think -- [applause] >> same time, we'll have to get rid of loopholes and extensions and we need the revenue we need. but we need to bring the rates down and make ohio a more interesting place to invest.
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small business doesn't pay the corporate tax rate. it is 35%. i want to bring down the individual rate as well. and then -- i'll make those proposals to congress on day one. other things i do -- we will put america on track for a balanced budget. we can't keep spending more money -- [applause] >> what we talk about, these topics like big government policy -- they effect the lives of individual americans. this is about you and your life. say you are a senior -- i see a
1:30 am
senior waving. i meant senior by age, not senior in high school. let's say you are a 65 year old or older. and when you -- when you get a medical condition requiring specialist. if you call the office and ask for an appointment, if we install obamacare, 50% of america's doctors say, they will say no to medicare patients. he has cut $715 million. when health care matters so much, people will find less ability to choose the doctor they want. i will not cut this $716 million.
1:31 am
i will restore medicare, and makre sure seniors -- studentou're a college -- at some point, you will be college students. you will pay the interest on that for a long time. but i have news that is not good news. if they graduate under the president, half won't find a good job. i will make sure people coming out of college are able to get good jobs. and one more thing. because the president is spending more than he is taking in, we are passing on debt to
1:32 am
your generation. there are $50,000 of debt you have to pay. when you see taxes being withdrawn, there are taxes of what is given to my generation. it is immoral for us to keep spending what we don't have. i'll get us back. [applause] >> if you're -- if you're a 40- year old or 50-year old, in the primary years of your life -- you may not put away what you thought you could put away. the expectation was money from retirement. a lot of people who are employed find it hard to make
1:33 am
ends meet. i was speaking to a guy from waukesha wisconsin. there is a wisconsonite. he got $23 plus benefit, now he can only find $8 without benefits. people in this country are having hard times unde the presidents economic policy. we've had four debates. there is no agenda. the president can't lay anything out except going down the same road. i call it, "forewarned." we know where this road heads. i actually have a plan.
1:34 am
i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. it has five parts. number one. we take advantage of oil, coal, and natural gas. >> two, we will open more trade, with latin america. latin america is an enormous economy. if nations cheat in trade, we will stop them. we have to label those who are cheating for what they are. and make sure our training programs work for today. and number four, number five we champion small business. [applause] and all this -- all this is going to happen because we'll do something spoken about in
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campaign after campaign but not done. i will work with democrats. we have to find a way to work with people. democrats and republicans love america. we can come together. i was governor of a state with a legislature that was 88% democrat. we were able to cut state spending. not just lower the rate of growth. cut it. we worked together, republicans and democrats. i will meet with republicans and democrats. it is time to put the interests of the american people above the interests of politics.
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[applause] i am confident. i am confident in the future. i am convinced the best days are ahead. i have seen the heart of the american people. i wa a boy scout leader some years ago. [applause] >> boy scout troup right here. i was at the court of honor where eagle scout awards are given. i was at the end of the table.
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next to the american flag. the man speaking was from monument. they had one with tassles and flew it above the capital. they asked nasa to take it on the space shuttle. they were so proud as they watched the challenger launch. and then they saw it explode before theri eyes. he called to ask if they'd found part of the flag. they hadn't. he called week after week. then he gave up until he read an article about the challenging disaster.
1:38 am
and they mentioned something about a flag. he called nasa. have you called our flag. in fact, they said, we have a presentation for your boys. they presented them with the container. inside the container was the flag in perfect condition. that's it on the flag pole next to mr. romney. i pulled out the flag. it was as if electricity was running through my arms. i think of the people who lived their lives for more than themselves. think of our men and women, their willingness to walk in danger's way for us. for liberty and freedom.
1:39 am
it is part of the american character to give of oneself for something greater. the patriots -- who serve in the military -- and wh oserve in the -- who serve at home. homes. my sister, lynn, is in her 70's with 8 children. they're all married with kids of their own. the youngest, jeffrey, has downs syndrome. he is 43 now. her husband died years ago and she is with jeffrey. she has spent 43 years to making sure his life is as full and complete as it can possibly be. a hero, to me.
1:40 am
i think of the single moms across the country who are saving so they can have a good meal on the table at the end of the day. i think of the men and women working two jobs. they wrok two jobs so their kids can have the clothes others have. and the couples who won't have christmas this year -- but will save to give theri kids a better christmas. we are known for our willingness to give to others. this is that time in america. we face real challenges. the people of ohio are given to
1:41 am
have real eyes. i am counting on you to make the right choice. there was a fictional football team -- called friday night lights. the athletes would go off and touch a sign that said, "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." i am convinced on november 6, the people of ohio, with clear eyes and full hearts, will make sure america can't lose. we are taking back this country. [applause]
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>> one more thing i want to mention to you. you can see what is happening across the country. on the east coast, a lot of people are enduring difficult times. our hearts and prayers go to them as we think about how tough it will be. i don't think here's been a hurricane in ohio a long time, but there are families that may be hurt in their possessions or something more severe. i'd like to ask you to make a contribution -- to be a help as much as you possibly can to help those in harms way.
1:43 am
we've faced these challenged before. this looks like a time to come together and give our support to those who need it. our victory centers are making collections of items -- and if you do this from your email, and internet -- we are counting on ohio. the people of the atlantic coast count on ohio but the people of the entire nation are counting on ohio. my guess is if ohio votes me in as president, i'll be the next president of the united states. [applause] thank you.
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♪ >> mitt romney canceled campaign events. paul ryan also canceled events and florida.
1:52 am
-- in florida. to biden was in ohio earlier, about a week before the election. bill clinton was also they're talking about why he supports president obama for a second term. he then introduce the vice president terry had this is under an hour and a half. -- introduced the vice president. this is just under an hour and a half. >> thank you. hello, youngstown. >> it is great to be back in youngstown. i want to thank the mayor for welcoming me here.
1:53 am
i want to thank the congressman for his remarks and service. former congressman john, i want to the thank you for being here. this was a day that the president and i had planned -- not working? can you turn it up? is that better? this is a day that the president and i had to travel from florida to ohio to virginia. the weather has other things in mind. the couple of days ago we canceled the virginia stop this we did not to imperil any lives.
1:54 am
then we went to florida last night. he got up this morning in said i have to go back right now the storm is getting out of hand. i have to handle it. i said that is the right call. i spoke in orlando and got on a plane to come here and be with vice-president and joe biden. i will bring him on in a minute. i want to thank him for all he has done for our country. let me just a few words about this election in of ohio. i like youngstown a lot. [applause] i like it because it is aplace that still believes in
1:55 am
manufacturing. it is one of the one of the mentioned i in my book that has done a wonderful job of selling american a products around the world. i like it because your largest employer is just down states. the community can figure how to create jobs from their university. i want to say a few words about what this election means to me. you know, i can't run for president anymore. or only stuck with me because [inaudible] 4 when you reach a certain point in your life, you realize
1:56 am
elections come and go but the only thing that really matters is whether people are better off than when you start it, whether our children have a brighter future, and whether things are coming together or apart. i know when there is a lot of anxiety and concern that be a part deal often works in politics. i saw the reports of governor romney's latest ad saying that the president had allowed jeep
1:57 am
to move to china. he went back to washington and said of all the things he had said, probably her is my feeling is the most. -- that probably hurts my feelings the most. and never had any money when i was a kid. the first new car i ever owned i was 30 years old was a jeep. i would never move the jobs. it turns out that jeep is reopening in china because they made so much money. they can afford to do it. though never consider shutting down the american operation. they are roaring in america thanks to people like the people of ohio. in keeping with that, here is
1:58 am
what i want to say that this election is about. i support barack obama because i think he has got better jobs plan, and better record, and a better budget plan, a better education plan, at a better health care plan than governor romney. if you listen to all the debates, the republican arguments come down to the. -- to this. we left him a terrible mess and in 4 years he did not fix it. we have finally discovered that middle-class people are having a hard time. put us back again.
1:59 am
we will do the same thing we did before. that is basically the argument. look at this. i hope i have earned some credibility with you. [cheers and applause] on jobs and budgets. do you believe our country works better when we are all together or when your on your own? do you believe our economy works better when we share prosperity in response ability or whether we just keep the money at the top and help it trickles down? -- hope it trickles down?
2:00 am
do you believe our policies are better when we make them based on evidence or extremist ideology? do you believe our budget are better women for them based on an arithmetic or illusion? barack obama as a senator ran for president for nearly two years along with a few other people including the secretary of state joe biden. they all got what they were doing is offering specific solutions to change the course of a very weak economy. we only had 2.6 million jobs before. then all of a sudden six days before the election we have the biggest financial crisis before the great depression. throughout all this make shifting in the debates, or what the president calls romn-
2:01 am
esia, the central argument is that if governor romney was elected everything would be hunky dory. nothing can be done in four years. for this is not just my opinion. the most important authorities in the world of financial crisis are two professors at harvard. he won the nobel prize and a belief is a moderate republican. he's one of this evidence based
2:02 am
guys. not very popular in the republican party. i said you're kind enough to send me a copy of your book. this time it is different. i read it. i want to ask you. is there any way anybody could have prepared all of the damage that barack obama found on the day he took office when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month? he said, "no way." he said most countries that have these kind of damages took many years to get over. we do not go back. he said we can beat that. in america we can beat that. because of our energy and productivity of our workers, our research and development.
2:03 am
maybe we could beat that. we could do seven or eight years and do better. nobody could have done it in four years. what has happened in four years? the president stopped the slide into a depression. you have been paid back for every nickel that was put into the financial industry plus interest. you got your money back. our banks are in the best shape they have been in 20 years thanks to those new rules on wall street that prohibit use for bailouts and protect against them goes to governor romney want to weaken. we have 5.3 million private sector jobs, twice as many as in the previous years under the
2:04 am
republicans before the meltdown. as everyone knows, there are 250,000 more. i have heard governor romney's explanation for why he denied that and he tied himself more than a boy scouts knot tying contest. ohio is an old school state. that is the best stance he had when you are back against the wall.
2:05 am
look at where we are going. his jobs plan is based on investments in education so everybody can do the jobs of the future for people who are in school in people who are out of school. ohio in cleveland is getting new training so people can get decent jobs. invest in technology and research. that is a better economic plan.
2:06 am
this is a loser. it is bad for america. obama is economic plan is better for the future of america. obama education plan is better for the future of america. he is committed to hiring 100 and thousand new science and technology teachers in our schools. committed to cutting the rate of inflation cut in half and committed to the student loan program. [applause]
2:07 am
the old student loan system works like this. the federal government pays the bank a fee to make loans and the guaranteed 90% worth of loans. the new system works like this. under that old system, we dropped to 16 in the world with our young people with college degrees. it is a recipe for disaster. we cannot afford to be 16th in the world. what do the president and congress do?
2:08 am
they passed laws to change the system. the government sets aside a loan reserve saying these are the ones eagle for loans. starting next year, everyone in the country gets one of these loans will have the absolute right to pay back as a low fixed percent of their income. think about this. [applause] what that means is nobody ever has to worry whether they cannot pay their loans. if he get out of college and you want to go teach in a small town in ohio or the salaries are low, you can do it anyway for a few years because what you have to pay will be determined by what you are making, not the
2:09 am
other way around. [cheers and applause] believe it or not, over 10 years this cost you $6 billion less than the old system. -- $60 billion less than the old system. the president and congress allocated at $60 million to increasing the pell grants every year for a decade to keep up with inflation and maintaining the tuition tax credits for middle-class families to help pay their kids way through college. this is unbelievable. here is what you need to know. even the more moderate image of governor romney cannot obscure the fact that he has committed to repeal that law.
2:10 am
they want to give the money back to the bankers, raise the cost of student loans, and make them harder to repay, it keeps the drop out rates going up. on that ground alone you should reelect barack obama for president of the united states. [applause] he has a better health care position than governor romney. they talk about how terrible obamacare is. how it robs medicare. let me tell you what the worst
2:11 am
thing we can do is, stay with the status quo. last week the big headline on the front page saying a big reason that working people in this country have not got a rate is because so many employers are paying health care premiums. 6% of our national income is a $1 trillion a year. it was killing us. what happened since obamacare passed? we just passed two years in a row at the lowest in a decade for the first time in 51 years. [applause]
2:12 am
we have $1.3 billion in refunds, including $11 million to 143,000 people in ohio. why? because the law says 80% to 85% of your interest premium has a good health care not to profits. 3 million and people have health insurance for the first time in their lives. starting next year, over 30 million americans will be able to afford health care for the first time for them or their children with pre-existing conditions.
2:13 am
the president did do exactly what congressman ryan did in his budget. he budgeted less than originally estimated to pay for medicare over 10 years for a good reason. medical professionals and the aarp. governor romney is saying the aarp is the worst enemy of seniors. the aarp is trying to plunder seniors' health care. why would they do that? they do not need the money. when you do not finish much, the medicare trust fund lasts longer. president obama lengthened the life of medicare by eight years, closed the doughnut hole,
2:14 am
and we're helping these people buy insurance. repeal it. the heck with the people with pre-existing conditions. reopen the doughnut hole and bring the brink of see here for the medicare trust fund down to 2016. he says i have to do this because these insurance companies will not cover anybody with medicare advantage. really? if that is true we ought to know because that law is in effect for right now. what happened last year? he had a number of companies providing medicare advantage to 17% of people who are paying 16% less. president obama strengthened
2:15 am
health-care. [applause] i want to say something about energy. ohio is not just about gas and coal. you also people working in the solar and wind industry. mitt romney's policy is all of the above except nothing for wind and nothing for solar. we have 100,000 americans working in the solar industry today. the prices are dropping. we rank first or second in the world in the ability to generate electricity from the sun.
2:16 am
all of the above is the right position. the last thing i want to say is i am for president obama because his budget adds up. in the last 50 years there have been five surpluses. when republicans talk, let's not forget we never had a structural debt in this country in times of economic growth before 1981. we'd run little deficits and we were already investing more with a long-term payoff. we tripled the debt in the first eight years of 1980's and then increased it 150% again.
2:17 am
then i brought it down for you. they doubled it again when i left office. let's not forget this. how did they do it that promising yet we just cut taxes on upper income people there be so much for all be well. now we're doing this again. the president is giving a budget. he's already agreed to $1 trillion with the spending cuts already in action. it reduce the debt by $4 trillion our next 10-years. the higher income groups who got lost to the tax cuts and virtually all of the economic gains of the last decade pays our fair share by paying more
2:18 am
when i was president. that is all they do. what does that do? the first thing they do is to say we need to spend $2 trillion more than we are going to spend on defense and more than the pentagon says we need. $25 trillion tax cuts would make president george w. bush look like a banker. he must have been asleep at the switch. you said like jerry mcguire "show me the money." you are the business guy. see me back after the election. who can take you seriously?
2:19 am
here is my budget although it is not. see me about it after the election. the reason is there are only three options. if you want to repeal tax exemptions you have to cut the tax exemptions on the middle- class and governor romney says he will raise those taxes. or you can do what they have always done in just let the deficit explode again. when the economy goes it'll be a problem. or you could just gut the federal budget. gut funding for education. gut the student loan program. i spent $3 billion of your money to separate the human
2:20 am
genome. he know how much economic activity it has generated? $790 billion. barack obama wants to raise it. they want to cut its. one thing they have not disavowed is they intend to cut medicaid by 33% over 10 years and get back to the state of ohio. medicaid provides medical coverage to lower income kids, most of them have working families. some of them are african american. some are latino. some are asian or middle eastern background. most of them are white folks. this is not a racial deal.
2:21 am
this is an equal opportunity hosing. it is not right. most medicaid money goes to other groups. first, elderly people on medicare who spent all their money and cannot afford to be in a nursing home except medicaid pays for it. should we send it to ohio and just blame the state and say your mother can stay and yours cannot? maybe worst of all, medicare provides health care to help for disabled children in homes that are not poor, not close to poor.
2:22 am
[inaudible] even upper-middle-class homes because this party takes care of a child with autism or a developmental disability. you want to cut this? it is wrong. it is wrong. there is still will not be enough money to balance the budget. barack obama has a better education and health care plan. it better energy plan. we are all in this together. you are not on your own. it is consistent with good economics. shared responsibility in prosperity, not trickled down. it is consistent with the policy making. it consisted, do it on arithmetic.
2:23 am
i have been honored to work in this campaign. i get support from republicans and democrats and independents. at the time i do not know who is what. we are working for a practical goal. that is how america ought to work again. it will only do that if you re- elect president obama. i want you to remember this. i know we are preaching to the savior. i want you to be here in go vote and dry out people for early voting. i want you to be here and talk to people who may still be and decided.
2:24 am
you know what the truth is. you know what the facts are. i want you to find every last student to fight for the student loan program. i am especially grateful to vice president joe biden for a number of things. when i served as president, thanks to him we passed 100,000 police officers on the street in gave us eight years of declining crime. we passed the violence against women act thanks to him. after he became vice president, he became president obama's ambassador to middle-class
2:25 am
america to make sure nobody in washington ever forgot what it was like to get up every day and work all day and worry about how you're going to pay those bills and raise those kids and how the american dream could be made real. i'm telling you again. the argument being made against president obama that somehow this could have been fixed in four years is wrong. the argument that is right is he did a lot more fixing them would have been done if they had bid for the last four years. i want you to join me in giving a warm welcome to joe biden, the vice president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
2:26 am
>> hello, youngstown. i tell you what. this is a switch. president clinton introducing me. i spent eight years introducing him when i was united states center. what a great pleasure it was working for this president. what a pleasure it is that he still works. i know you are expecting the real president.
2:27 am
he asked me to expresses regret for not being able to be here. a's still doing the job president should be doing. i want to thank all the first responders throughout this country. there are a whole lot of folks all over the country. it is further evidence that when america stands together we are all better off. when america stand together everybody is better off. president clinton and sherrod brown, here is a man with a heart and courage.
2:28 am
never worry about him changing his mind. thank you for allowing us to get out. a guy that i love working with and i mean this truly, i served in the congress and senate a long time. i did not find anyone better than congressman tim ryan. where are you? that is a stand-up guy. we need jobs back. it is great to see you. you are here.
2:29 am
where are you? now you have seen the debate. the president has three and i have one with congressman ryan. if there was any wonder left or there were historic differences, i do not know where you have been. governor romney and congressman ryan cannot run from their record or positions. the last foreign policy debate, i was not sure whether governor romney was going to endorse president obama. [applause] we roman catholic say that boy had an epiphany.
2:30 am
governor romney went from sank it was a mistake we did not leave 30,000 troops in iraq. he sounded like he was against the war from the beginning. i was amazed. he went from labeling russia last year as the single greatest geopolitical threats to the united states and even opposed the new gun control treaty that every republican said to push that, he said he would not have supported it. all of a sudden we can work with russia. you know that. did you hear that? i thought, turn that tv up. he is now putin's best friend.
2:31 am
when as in the second debate what would you commit to, he said it depends. with these guys it depends on everything. it always depends who they're talking to or where they are. it depends on what the vote is. it always depends. [applause] i am from pennsylvania. the grandfather always said be
2:32 am
aware of the convertists. one issue they cannot bring themselves to say they now agreed with us on was issues relating to women. think about it now. they are ready to jettison foreign-policy to win this election. they still cannot bring themselves, and i am being earnest, they cannot bring themselves to move into the 21st century on women. they views that are stuck in the 50's for real. for the refusal is stunning. it says an awful lot about these guys.
2:33 am
when governor romney was asked direct questions about whether or not our daughters, spouses, women of this country are entitled to equal pay, what did he say? he started talking about binders. [applause] his staff made a binder full of women who were qualified. whoa. all yet to do is not anyone in our doors. it was not hard. think about what it says. he never did answer the question. he never did answer the question equal pay for equal work. does not come as a surprise for a guy who says he would not have supported the lily ledbetter act.
2:34 am
it is 2012. the differences are stark. i want to make sure you understand that they still think speaking of our health care proposal, and they still think mr. president. they still being that insurers should be able to charge women but now the charge an average of 50% more for the taxing policy man gets for a woman. we changed the law that comes into effect next year. right now they can literally label pregnancy as a pre- existing condition. it sounds like i'm making this
2:35 am
up. i am not. we made it against it. they want to repeal it. just imagine 40 hard years according women have made to gain equality, imagine what would happen a romney appointed supreme court will look like. i want to make something absolutely clear. the basic premise which will look at these issues, we believe our daughters and children are entitled to every single rights my son and grandson have. no exception. [applause]
2:36 am
it is astounding. romney and ryan are running away from the elements of the economic plan they have been voting on and talking about for years. the first one is a trite trillion dollar tax plan that the president spoke about. it provides an additional one. dollars trillion for people makes a minimum of $1 million a year. the cost is $200,000 a year for middle-class families with a child. that is how you pay for it. no wonder they're walking away from it. he said we're going to pay for this. when asked to name me one, he said no.
2:37 am
the math is too complicated. romney was able to name what little he will not close, the one he was asked about 60 minutes. he was asked, do you believe you are paying only 14% tax rate and all its $20 million and the guy making $50,000 a year has a higher tax rate? he said "i sure do." this is deadly earnest. these guys mean it. as president obama said the day after the second debate, he said the governor plans are awful sketchy. well president clinton, i don't like correcting president obama
2:38 am
but i'm going to do it. his plans are not sketchy. they are etch-a-sketchy. they run away from their own shadows. just like a shadow, you cannot outrun it. the 2% tax cut that is due to expire in january. that tax cut will cause another $500 billion to 120,000 families with an average income of a million dollars a year.
2:39 am
i come from the delaware. wealthy folks are not even asking for this tax cut. i said we want to make it permanent tax cut for 98% of the american people. all you have to do is let us vote on it. they said we cannot get a tax cuts for 98% of the american people. you're going to have to pay more a year if we do not extend the tax cuts. they say not unless the 120,000 families have half a trillion dollars.
2:40 am
it is outrageous. the other candidates are running away from this. it is the ryan budget. it has already passed the united states congress. when it does pass, "the new york times" refers to it as the most extreme budget plan. as my wife and say, just imagine 40 hard years of fighting women and wait?
2:41 am
the ryan budget makes medicare a voucher. it knocks 19 million people off
2:42 am
of medicaid. he stateing crushed te of ohio over the last 10 years.
2:43 am
imagine what happened with mitt romney supreme court. imagine what a romney-appointed supreme court will do. i want to make something clear the basic promise that barack and i look at these issues. first, the first point of that plan? and this must come as a shock to all the guys and women rarely debated in his primary? $5 trillion tax plan that the president has spoken about, president clinton, which will provide an additional $1.1 trillion in tax cuts for people making over $1 million a year. the cost, $2,000 a year with middle-class children, families. the governor said no. that creates 800,000 new jobs according to the experts. all overseas.
2:44 am
all overseas. by the way, remember when governor romney at the convention said the first and i will do when elected is to take jobs tour. it is going to have to be a foreign trip. [applause] when you hear the governor romney say he protects american jobs by being tough on china, a word for you -- malarkey. absolute malarkey. look, he is saying he would get tough on china is only outdone by his bizarre claims about the automobile industry.
2:45 am
a week ago, remember what he was saying with the president. mr. president, i supported the rescue of the automobile industry. i said we will get them to bankruptcy, etc. the problem is he did not. he did not say -- he would not allow a penny of federal money to help them out. there was nobody including bain capital willing to come in and help them out. i have never seen this in public. i have served with eight presidents. within two weeks he is running an ad in the state saying that
2:46 am
president obama made the companies go bankrupt, is now gave the industry the italians who are selling it to the chinese. whoa. bless me, father, for i have sinned. what are you talking about? i have never seen anything like that. it is an absolutely patently false assertion. it is such an outrageous assertion one of the few times in my memory and major american corporation, chrysler, has felt obliged to go public and say that is the truth in this. they said jeep has no intention of selling out to china.
2:47 am
chrysler corporation, which is highly unusual, said a careful and unbiased reading would have saved unnecessary fantasies and extravagant comments. ladies and gentlemen, have they no shame? romney will say anything, absolutely anything to win it, it seems. but he cannot run from the truth. he said in an article entitled that he wrote, "let detroit go bankrupt." only the head of bain capital could think of liquidating an industry is the same thing as saving it. that is what he did at bain capital. look, we did not take governor romney's advice. we did not let detroit go bankrupt.
2:48 am
we saved 1 million jobs and created 250,000 good middle- class jobs in the united states of america. i guess romney may have romnesia, but he is counting on america having amnesia. they will not forget so soon. the single best example of this man's philosophy is not what he did at bain. it is a different job. the president's job is to create jobs for america, bring jobs back to america, not send jobs overseas. they said, look, that was just his business philosophy. let me tell you, when he was
2:49 am
governor of the state of massachusetts -- this is a fact -- as governor, his administration signed $160,000 a month contracts out of the taxes of the people of massachusetts to send a call service that poor people called to see if they qualified for unemployment insurance or food stamps. he paid 160,000 bucks a month to send that call service overseas. the massachusetts legislature passed a law saying you could not do that, and he vetoed that law. do not tell me this is just his business philosophy. this is his philosophy. we have seen this movie before. we know how it ends when you
2:50 am
have massive cuts for the wealthy and let banks make the judgments again. we know how events -- 9 million lost jobs, $16 trillion in home equity and retirement plans evaporated for the middle class, and the great recession of 2008. that is how it ended. the american people will not go back. we will not go back. folks, instead of romney and ryan signing their pledge to a guy named grover norquist to cut taxes for the very wealthy, they should be signing a pledge to the middle class people of america that they will level the playing field, that they will do right by the american people, they will give them a fair shot again. that is the pledge we have signed from the beginning.
2:51 am
we have a different way forward. we will focus the second term on the continuation of what we have done to create secure middle-class jobs because we believe the only way america's wealthy does well is when the middle-class succeeds. that is the only ladder up the working-class people have, and the wealthy do very well when the middle class is doing well. and as president clinton has pointed out, we think the foundation upon which you build a middle class is to continue to support and grow education in america. we will continue to provide access to higher education. we will continue to help these folks struggle to stay and get into college, and will create -- we will generate 100,000 new
2:52 am
math and science teachers in america to make sure we remain number one in the world. we are going to double exports creating 1 million new manufacturing jobs. we will change the tax code so we reward companies that come home, not those that go overseas. we are going to train 2 million more americans over the next three years. we are right to cut oil imports by half by 2020 as the president said with clean coal, oil, natural gas, as well as for nuclear. over the objections of governor romney, we will still focus on conservation. we will double the mileage of american light trucks, automobiles, which will save you $1.7 trillion and 12 billion barrels of oil. we have been pushing to allow people to refinance and
2:53 am
renegotiate their mortgages. we have a plan that will not cost the taxpayers a penny, allowing 14 million people in america who have never missed a mortgage payment, but are paying at up to 7%, refinance at up to 4%, saving more than $3,000 a year. we're going to keep our commitments as we did in iraq. we are going to end this war in afghanistan. saving hundreds of billions of dollars and investing in america, and american growth, american bridges, american undertakings, creating millions of new good-paying jobs.
2:54 am
folks, i ask myself, the president and i have been friends for a long time. and i want to say something that tim can concur with, but the press will cover this. i have spent a lot of time in the senate. i got an awful lot done because i was viewed as a bipartisan. many republicans have worked with me, as have democrats. for real. that is how we passed a lot of these things. ladies and gentleman, i try to be fair. i'm frustrated, but i try to be
2:55 am
fair, and i ask myself, how could these guys continue, as president clinton says, the last administration's program on steroids? how could they do that in good conscience? because i think they are both honorable men. how can they do it? here is my conclusion i have reached. you can reach your own. i mean this sincerely. it is because how they feel about the american people. we flatly reject the notion that 47% of the american people are unwilling to take -- here is the part that offended me. it offended me when he said 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. he was talking about my mom and dad.
2:56 am
he was talking about the people i grew up in with scranton. he was talking about the people i was raised with in delaware. these are hard-working people. these are people who have done everything by the numbers. they have worked hard, they paid their payroll taxes, they are seniors who are now paying taxes. they are those 68,000 warriors who are marching through those god-awful mountains of afghanistan. i have been in and out of iraq and afghanistan over 20 times. these folks, these warriors, they are not paying any tax on their salaries. nor should they pay any tax on their salaries. folks, speaking of those warriors, we owe them and their families. how many of you know someone whose son, daughter, husband or wife went to afghanistan or iraq?
2:57 am
raise your hands. my son was in iraq. and let me tell you something. we owe them, and here is the deal -- mr. president, every single morning i get up i have my staff contact the pentagon, because i want to know exactly how many sacrifices have been made. just in the last five days, the number of what they called fallen angels, when we lose a warrior in iraq and afghanistan the military has a freeze for it. i was making my fourth or fifth trip out of baghdad, and i do not know if it was a colonel or a major who said -- they said, "senator, permission to board a fallen angel."
2:58 am
then in the back of that cargo plane came a flag-draped coffin. my colleagues with me on that trip, all we could think of was the family waiting in dover, delaware, for that angel to return. it matters. that is what i never generally say how many, the exact number. 6,502 fallen angels as of today. 50,060 wounded. over 17,000 with multiple wounds, and those of you out there who are of the vietnam generation the president and i are from, 50% of them would have died if they received the same injury in vietnam but for the fact that of what they call the triage capability of the military.
2:59 am
they are going to need extensive medical care for the rest of their lives, and that does not even count the unseen wounds of posttraumatic stress, traumatic brain injury. understand one thing about the president and me. we only have one sacred obligation. we have a lot of obligations, to the children, to the elderly, to the needy. we have only one sacred obligation, and that is to afford them -- that is to care for them when they come home from war. when those streets are renamed, this obligation will last for another 30 years, and ladies and gentlemen, bothers me the most is their attitude about not taking responsibility. the american people are so much
3:00 am
better, so much stronger, takes much more responsibility than these guys give them credit for. i have never seen two candidates in my lifetime for the highest office who are more negative about the state of our country, about america's prospects for the future, about the willingness of the american people to take responsibility for their own lives. governor romney constantly talks about america in decline. america is not in decline. we are better positioned than any nation in the world to lead the 21st century. america is not in decline.
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>> people like single moms were attacking their kids into bed before who won a been mired department to work hard of -- all of their life.
5:01 am
they do not have enough money for all their prescriptions. and they pick their blood pressure polls every day and have a stroke. and people like construction workers, many of them have been out of work for so long. they are wondering how they are trying to pay their bills. i am running for the college students were studying through the night trying to get a good grades and knowing they are coming out of school with only its 50% chance of finding a job. they cannot afford the washington lobbyists. they are not a part of the system. i am not a part of the system. they need to know that they apply -- someone fighting for them in washington, d.c.. i look forward to being met voice. you mentioned nancy pelosi, as i indicated, i defeated nancy's. i am running for these people. these senior citizens and the construction workers. i will stop telling the truth about you, mr. davis, when you
5:02 am
stop telling lies about me. hopefully all of those working people will stand up with me and we will get this done on november 6. i think you for being here and i ask you for my vote that day. [applause] thank >> we appreciate both of the candidates for coming out. we appreciate the audience holding more applause. if you want to give them both a round of applause, you can do so at this time. thank you very much. >> on tomorrow morning's washington journal, we will talk
5:03 am
about polls are conducted and analyzed. new technology challenge the polling industry. scott of the research center is our guest. followed by our battleground state spotlight in colorado. and with curtis hubbard of the denver post. and we vote with the mitt romney and the republicans are campaigning, with sean tonner. and later an analysis of president obama's strategy to win the state and elected democrats. "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> we have a pretty simple opposition. can embrace what wilson has embraced. she signed a pledge to support the cut, cap and a balanced program here that is 80 per the
5:04 am
approach. has no -- is a tea party approach. is so draconian that would require deep cuts in social security and medicare over time, or we can embrace a balanced approach. that is what i support. i think we can go back to the kind of tax rates we had under the clinton administration won the upper income earners were doing well and the entire economy was growing. a balanced approach is the only one that i believe will get us there. >> your rebuttal. court's it is amazing to me that you can stand here having voted 4 trillion dollars of assessed for the last four years, the route largest, fastest debt increase in american history, and said we have to control spending. you have done nothing to control spending. last four years. with respect to cut, cap and balance it is amazing to me that the idea of cutting wasteful spending, capping the ability of congress to spend money we do
5:05 am
not have, and balancing the budget, is extreme. i think it would force congress to set priorities, and stop funding things like solyndra and prioritize things like social security, medicare and education. that is why i support a balanced budget amendment. >> the race to succeed retiring new mexico jeff is just one of the key house senate and governor races again fall on c- span. courtesy of delaware first media and the university of delaware this is about one hour. >> this is delaware debates.
5:06 am
>> well,. i am nancy, welcome to delaware debates 2012. made possible with our panel support of aarp delaware and the american cancer society cancer action network. i am joined by university of delaware prof. of political science and international relations and david wilson. who will be hoping to co- moderate tonight's debate. the race for delaware gov.. including jack markell the democrat jeff craig and the republican candidatejeff. tonight's debate is separated into two part. a falling your opening statement we will pose questions to each of you. you love one minute and 30 seconds to respond, -- you will have won a:30 minutes to respond. then we will turn to students from the university of delaware
5:07 am
and overstate are there questions, responses in this section are limited to one minute. each candidate will have a one minute closing statement. our live audience here in the middle of all understands there will be no applause during tonight's debate. and the coin toss did determine our order. we jack markell jack with. -- we began with . jack markell. >> the stock market was collapsing. the economy was in a freefall. delaware was living 15,000 jobs a year, major employers or shutting their doors, when off workers and were moving out of state, we faced the biggest budget shortfall in our history. and i have been proud of the people of delaware have pulled together. we have shown that we are state.
5:08 am
and working together, we have been reopening the plant. we are putting people back to work. once again, we are making dollar choice location for businesses to locate and create jobs. we are moving forward in delaware, but we have more to do and that is why i am once again asking the people of delaware for their confidence and for their vote. >> jeff craig. >> this election a my candidacy is of the jobs in the economy. the lore has ever 20,000 -- delaware has over 20,000 unemployed. affordable europe university. it is an unacceptable large number. if not recovered economically in the downturn, at the beginning of the johnson administration. in addition, we shocking number of people who are on food
5:09 am
stamps. 87,000 or 11% is on food stamps. today it is 152,000 or 17% of the population. we have made progress, but not enough. this election and our debate tonight is about different visions for how to mid delaware for word. i am interested in moving forward. >> our first question will be posed to jack markell, the >> in delaware's economy broke open with the free fall and the credit crisis. delaware build the foundation on the money industry and now it is obvious that the state was far too dependent upon the banks and towards financial stability. if i read the list of companies now helping delaware rebuild, barkleys, citigroup, amazon, they all made a commitment. but it sounds like the state is in the middle of a big rebound if you read it on the paper. the numbers are not adding up and unemployment figures are not
5:10 am
changing, it is still bleak. where's is bullish message coming from on a delawares economic future? is it reality or just stand? >> of course it is reality. the numbers were significantly better than the national average. at the same time, we recognize it is 6.9% unemployment, 30,000 people who want to be working and are not. we are going to be relentlessly focused on putting them back to work. these facts are, jpmorgan chase is adding lots of jobs. and amazon has built a distribution facility putting 1000 people to work a veritable and energy is building a new factory 1 mile or two from here or there will be employing hundreds. the refinery has reopened the, probably the only refinery in the country that employers and is now reopened. closed ands no
5:11 am
reopened. capital one about ing direct. they are adding 500 jobs in delaware in addition to capital one. miller metal, all of these companies and dozens more adding jobs as well. we are putting people back to work. we have a ways to go and will continue to focus on that. >> one minute rebuttal. >> when we have 30,000 people unemployed and another 18,000 who are underemployed, people of taken jobs part-time, are working multiple jobs, people of taken the job and are not using their educational background or training, the food stamp numbers show how tough the economy is, 17% on food stamps. and god we have a food stamp programs. i am glad we have had a number of companies that come to delaware. we have not done enough. we still love to many burdensome
5:12 am
regulation. we still raise taxes going into this recession which we need to roll back. personal income tax, and we need to create a stable business environment. when jack markell ran he put together a blueprint for delaware. we have not done a good enough job of creating that environment. >> let us go to the follow up. we stand on the blueprint for delaware? >> we still of war to go. some of them we did not have the resources. i said we ought to agree to dollar version. we have not been able to add as much as we would like. mr. gregg can say hispanic, but it is not spin. it is not spin to the people -- jeff craig can say is sprin.
5:13 am
in. these are real jobs, real family is being put back to work. >> feel free to offer your opinion. >> it is then 30,000 unemployed from 18,000 additional who have dropped out of the workforce, people of taken part-time jobs, we can argue, but on election day those people will go to the polls and make a decision. >> of cited the high percentage of people in delaware and a part of their paychecks from the government. if you are to trim down the government are produced exasperatingly problem? >> i moved to delaware in the late 1980's. today the largest employer is the state of delaware, the second largest is the federal government. we have made the country more and more dependent on government. what we need to do to turn this economy around is trimmed down the crack of government, and increase the controversial north
5:14 am
ship and the private sector. >> trim down jobs? do you mean trim jobs? >> when it to hold the rate of .reagovernment >> the average growth since it took office in state spending is 1.7%. we are the only administration going back to the dupont administration where our state government is less than it was. and not county teachers. the agencies under our control, the only administration going back all the way back to the dupont administration, it is not been through layoffs, after very careful management of attrition. no other administration can say that. we are moving in the right direction. >> as a business owner, can you tell us about how you are able to create jobs, maybe have you managed.
5:15 am
>> it is not the government's role to create jobs. it is their role to create the environment. >> i have a sort of large employers. most jobs are adult with a successful company. oftentimes there are problems and solutions start with an honest appraisal of where you are, if you look at it honestly is like raising a child, teaching a person a sport, which have to do is a place where you are, but the short comes and move forward. if you are out there spending and do not have an economic problem, job problem, everything is hunky dory, you do not put solutions to gather to solve those problems. the first thing you do is an honest appraisal. it was an opportunity because the person in that job was not performing as well. >> he has offered one solution, to reduce taxes.
5:16 am
the set menu delay of teachers, he would allow police officers, layoff people. we have already reduced in these 3.5 years by over 500 people. you -- we would love to reduce taxes. >> i have traveled up and down the state and talk to teachers and public school districts, i have talked to state employees. there's poor morale, state employees are unhappy with their current situation. >> the quick answer is the people for working in state government, and they often talk about waste, abuse, and they talk about inefficiencies. >> we are going to move on. >> social security, mental health programs, student loan guarantees, agricultural support programs, all forms of entitlement. some believe people are becoming too reliant on entitlements. and that we need to cut them from federal and state budgets.
5:17 am
but isn't this the time we need these entitlement programs? >> yes. one of the things it happens is when this contracts from the contract state government at the same time, you compound the problem. there are needs. food stamps and unemployment. both are programs to expand the economy. it is necessary for the government to ability to do that. what government is bad doing, and this is about trimming entitlement is trimming those programs down as the economy grows, and getting those people off of trude stems because their job opportunities and getting people back to work. that is the key. the emphasis should not be on growing those programs but on figuring out to cut government as to come out of this recession. >> one minute. >> or humphrey once said the greatness of the nation is measured and a retreat those in the shadow of life. the very young, very old and those who cannot care for themselves. when we dealt with the largest
5:18 am
budget shortfall the state has seen, $800 million in 2009. the context of a $3 million budget, we were committed to assure the continued to invest in things of will lead to long- term prosperity. schools and economic development. if we are committed to doing so in a way that was balanced, with shared sacrifice. we are committed to doing so and with it would continue protect the most vulnerable in our society. >> follow up. >> let me follow up with you and your statement. to explain how you are born to pick and choose which entitlements you want to cut, fund war, you want to keep the educational levels. what it is going to be -- >> into s test is entitlements for people who need them. it is for the young and old, those who cannot provide for themselves. the unemployed. the key is to get them employed.
5:19 am
and that is the private sector growing. it is a matter of faith. this country is growing, since it was founded over 200 years ago, it has grown because it is a free economy and people can dot and build new businesses. you ask a business owner, what do i need to grow our business? they do not need a government alone or government handout. >> we are talking about businesses. >> economic engine is the private sector. if we get the private sector growing, but as go back to dupont. >> we are still talking about your litmus test for what entitlements or keep from get rid of, fund more 6 cetera. >> they are so much you love to respond to. so many of the entitlements were at the federal level.
5:20 am
the import of one here is medicaid. i am choosing, i believe it is in the best interests of people in delaware to expand the medicaid under the affordable care act, because it is 20,000 people additional who will be covered. and we are getting a higher reimbursement from the federal government. think wecraig doesn't should expand the medicaid population. there will continue to go to the emergency department for treatment, in the meantime -- >> giving people medicaid doesn't keep them of the emergency room. it is a matter of training and discussion, a matter of having an alternative place to go. >> one of the reasons is so excited about expanding medicaid population is because the federal government is going to pay for the bulk of it. we all pay for that ultimately to. -- too. >> the fact is that folks to not
5:21 am
have coverage, they cost the rest of us, there's something called uncompensated care. they do not have someone else to go because no one will pay for them. they go to the americans in apartment where the hospitals are required to treat them. that costs us money. costs the average family that has health insurance, they are paying an extra $1,000 a year for uncompensated care. i think the idea of having more people covered -- it makes sense for delaware. >> when the government reimburses hospitals, they typically pay about 50 cents on the dollar. as an expanded number of people in their coming reduce the cost. those savings from medicare or is because they did not pay their fair share. >> we are going to move on, and agree to disagree. >> we will come back to the bike
5:22 am
paths. >> let us move on to a new topic. the police chief talks about a revolving door of repeat offenders. sections of the city if you drive around look like they are on the verge of becoming permanent battle plans. this is a country road possibly any hope that the city's much promised and a long talk about revitalization. of sedwick and a police are way out of it. are you saying we need drastic measures? >> i cannot run the police department, but let me show you what we are doing. operation a pressure point, state troopers working with wilmington police officers on foot patrol in the city. i have been out there with them. i had been at east 24th street, part to the residence. that is number one. #two, which recall epergne grant. we have got the state police working what patrols to make
5:23 am
sure we are focusing on the most violent offenders. this is still all in the area of public safety. the attorney general's office is making sure we of the rate prosecutors, and bail hearings, so people stay behind bars, and bay are at probation hearings. that is a piece of it. there's no question that public safety is a piece of it. and the social issues -- this is where we open up 10 community centers, the state government pays for it so kids at a place to go. we open to the curfew center. i believe some of the investments we are making an early job of education will be huge, it will make it more likely these kids have a better path forward. >> you have a rebuttal. >> let me personalize it. i was a victim of armed robbery in 2006. i restore on a saturday morning
5:24 am
from a repeat offender, an armed robber who was been paroled with a 10 year sentence came in and robbed me at gunpoint. he is now serving a life sentence for armed robbery. i understand exactly how this issue works. i know that if that armed robbery happens somewhere else that would of been responded to a much more seriously by the state. as a matter of leadership and a matter of making it a priority. wilmington will not develop economically the we saw the problem of public safety. jack markell has talked about a lot of good things we have done, we have not done enough. the litmus test is when people feel safe on the streets, when people would feel comfortable to go to, like the would be comfortable walking around the university of delaware campus. until we get there, we have not done enough. >> it is offensive. today that he would suggest that
5:25 am
we care less about one a crime victim and then another. and within days, let me finish, within days of the young man being shot on east 24th, and not on the door of his mother, and i talked to work. i went to where you shot and talked to dozens of people on the street. to talk to them about what they are looking for and how we can help. and the new mayor, we expect dennis williams to be elected, has made it clear that this is a top priority for him and i look forward to working with him. >> what i did not here is what you do. >> i am offended your offended. at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is assessing the problems. if we cannot have a discussion of the crime in the city and a discussion about being treated differently in greenbelt and wellington, is just a fact. it is the way it is. -- differently in greenville than in wilmington.
5:26 am
>> walking down newark on the street than in wilmington, it is different. i spent seven years of the store in wilmington. the level of crime part on the street is not tolerated in north wilmington. some stood on a street corner being disorderly, there would be addressed immediately by the state police. is not addressed in the city. >> some of not laid out a single idea other than lower taxes. what would you do? we of operation a pressure point. >> you should have been more aggressive with the city of wilmington in getting their i acquiescent earlier to additional resources. >> that reflects a lack of knowledge about jurisdiction and the cooperation needed between the city and the state police. we talked about the work of the attorney general's office, the cooperation between the probation and parole officers in the state.
5:27 am
do you have a single idea? >> those parolees robbed me. >> you do not have reasonable suggestion. >> rick to do a better job with sentences. to keep the criminals and the people we have identified that are repeat offenders in prison and in a jail. because the department of corrections, but we house a lot of these people, there are problems. one of the huge problems and substance abuse. we need to assist them. at the end of the day is not an effective program. >> for more to lower taxes, increase substance abuse. i would like to understand how this fits together and if you have any specific ideas and how you will pay for it. >> we pay for it being more efficient. i know you are setting this up, i have done a lot. but being down there in the city a woman 10 on a daily basis, i experienced it first hand. you go down a tool -- you come
5:28 am
down into wilmington with an entourage. >> it sounds to me like you have lost faith in wilmington. i still go into the city. but it sounds like you have lost faith. crux of breakfast in the city two or three times a week. i enjoy going down there. i am a 6 ft. 52 under and 75 a pound male. when i am robbed at gunpoint, you understand why women do not feel comfortable. >> is wilmington the most dangerous? >> i wouldn't say the most dangerous. >> seabird and laurel. -- seaford and laurel. but wilmington is much larger and more concentrated. >> we are moving on. >> the next topic is about health care. according to national statistics, there are about
5:29 am
118,000 persons properly including 19,000 children in the state not covered by health insurance. this is for jeff craig, how acceptable to find this? you have any ideas for expanding coverage. >> i worked for 24 years in the health insurance field. one of the problems we have is that when we mandate benefits to meet the cost more expensive, make insurance more expensive every one of covering less of the population. one of the things we should do is open up purchasing of health insurance across state lines. delaware is one of the least competitive insurance market places. the other worldwide market for employment, but the health insurance market not manufactured in delaware, but in pennsylvania or maryland. that makes health insurance less affordable. we need to come up with policies, different solutions, last half benefits, higher deductibles policies that make
5:30 am
it affordable. when we bring those people into the system, workable a private pay people. there is more money in the system. the government creates a marketing balance. does not pay 100 cents on the dollar, it pays 50 cents on the dollar and creates a need for uncompensated care. what we need to do is get more people paid in a situation of financially where they can pay for their own care. there's always gone to be said of the population that cannot pay for their own care. but those that can pay for their own care, those are the people we need to have -- a private solution like we do in other industries. there's nothing special about health care that we cannot solve the problem. >> one minute rebuttal. the need to address the issue of people having difficulty accessing care. when the act was implemented here in delaware, we will address the significance parts
5:31 am
of the issue. the bigger issue is that we need to move away from what has become the sick care system. providers get paid based on how many procedures they do and move toward a health care system or they get paid this on whether they keep people well. i do not know of any other industry where there is such a disconnect between what we feel in our pocketbook and the service that we get. but they tell us to get a cat scan we will get it and not know what it costs. this idea of moving away from this is something that will be important. >> let me ask a follow-up, jeff craig said allowing people to buy insurance across state lines. explain how easy this is. the governors have to agree? two state legislators have to agree? can you make this happen? >> i am not troubled by this idea. a lot of people in delaware work of the company's ad of state who essentially of their coverage from a state providers.
5:32 am
i think it is certainly an idea that is worth looking -- worth looking at. court's is about empowering consumers. a few years ago i was mowing the lawn. and i injured my back i wound up at a chiropractor purified $2,500 worth of bills in five days. a shocked. >> in your in the health-care industry. thehere's not transparency, affordable care act moves us the wrong direction. >> should legislate information? you say -- >> would not would like information. would not with a slight information for a single home. people are quite capable of making a lot of decisions for themselves. what happens in the health-care industry is is very complex and when you are sick and ill and your lying on your back in a hospital you are not in the neck -- in the best position to negotiate price or care or read
5:33 am
a pamphlet or do whatever else. it is about educating people before they goanna -- before they go and. >> the challenge is, people do not have to pay for it themselves, which is true for many people, the transparency is not sufficient. i think looking at the way we do this, the payment mechanism is an important part of that, you ask about the information exchange. biggest celebrity. anniversary of what the call delaware help information network. all of the long care facilities and most of the providers have signed up. if you go to a physician and you have had an extra down somewhere else in the state instead of having to go get the version of that, hospitals will be able to actually called up on the line. and a lot of deficiencies will be created. i think it is a real positive. is the first statewide information exchange in the country. >> there are still over 100,000
5:34 am
people not covered. >> we can learn. one of the ironies here is that massachusetts is one of the states were fewer people are covered because of the act that mitt romney created in that state. essentially the affordable care act at president obama pushed and is now the law is modeled on that. i think a lot of states will be following in that model. >> are you suggesting a mandate here? >> that is what the affordable care act does. it is not a federal mandate. >> were out of time on this, we will move on to the next topic. i am going to put this to you, beyond the governor's office there's a lot of chatter about your longevity in this office should you win a second term. everything from the cabinet post to being at the ready should there be a shift in delors congressional delegation you have risen to a leadership position with the national governors' association, you have been touted as a leader among jewish elected officials and
5:35 am
spoke the party's convention, i knew that your opponent has talked about the pledge, i do not want to get into the pledge. i want to know, because clearly if you are reelected so you are lame duck, by delaware lawyer of the carter years and that is it. what is your plan beyond the next four years? >> i love this job, we have significant work to do to put people back to work to continue to improve schools. to continue to make the state all it can be. i cannot wait to get to work and spend every day with the next quarter years doing exactly that. beyond that i do not have plans. when we get to 2016, my wife and i will talk about what comes next. i am not thinking beyond that. this is one of those jobs, being governor is the best job you can have if you want to ban public service. you can actually get things done. i love the folks in our congressional delegation, but they always say the worst day in delaware is worse than the best
5:36 am
day in washington. because we work together here. what i want to do is focus on this job every day for the next four years. >> i am not getting an answer? >> that is the answer. we have spent no time whatsoever thinking about what comes after 2016. >> i want to give your time for rebuttal. the clock will be on for your one-minute. >> i will not need it. i heard you would stay for the next four years no matter what opportunities came up. court's weiss said was right. i love this job, i would up every day focused on how to drive the dollar for a word and looks forward to serving quarter more years. that is my expectation. >> i have deferred my rebuttal. >> you have been very critical of his role on the national scene. and you have also been brought the sacrificial lamb in this
5:37 am
particular election because it was named as one point as being least in jeopardy of not earning reelection. and if you take a look of your web site, is not really been updated much other than a call for intern's beckham august your campaign has not raised a lot of money, why is your campaign somewhat tepid? is it because of the fracture republican party coming on after the last election? >> there's a number of issues. you do not enter into a football game because you are guaranteed to win a. you enter in because of his competition and both sides have to compete. delawareans' deserve the choice in this election. we have different views. sometimes >> my view is different. but having this discussion is important. elections are about choices. not everyone agrees. i am happy taking on the role of being the loyal opposition, working with the republican
5:38 am
party not as strong, they have more registered voters than we do, jack has way more money than i do, but i do not think those are all the issues, the issues actually are about giving people choices and i because -- i think this will do that. >> we ask about your relationship. are you all a ticket? is the republican ticket real in the delaware? >> i think it is. i was part of the discussions. when we made the decision. we did not put her on the ticket because she was a clone of me. but because she was an independent woman and she brought a different perspective and a different set of pots and background to the job >> we are both business owners. we both believe in a limited, smaller government.
5:39 am
>> what campaign together? >> again, we are at a disadvantage. >> all the more reason to run to gather. >> let me ask jack markell to get involved. >> i have appreciated the partnership. he is been a spectacular lieutenant governor. has been focused on small business, making sure we do right by kids with disabilities. he has been focused on issue after issue after issue. he is in a first-class partner and i am very grateful i have the opportunity with him. >> anything there has been is a must discussion of that you not filling out 4 four years. where do think that comes from? >> i do not know. the republican party chair asked me to sign a pledge. what i was with up every single day, focused on how we can put more delawareans back to work. how we can continue to improve the schools. and i hope the conversation turns to education.
5:40 am
how we can improve with the quality of life. i think this is an important issue. >> you can have 30 seconds. >> the are in a global war for jobs. there are 3 billion people looking for jobs. 1.2 billion jobs are available. they are literally in a global war for jobs. this means we are in a global war for talent, jobs will go or the talent is. and talent is defined by the quality of school, work force and by having nice outdoor spaces to enjoy. jeff craig disagrees with spending 13 million on a bike paths. the private-sector is not going to be investing in bike paths. when we want to make the state more attractive to people already here. we may look to come here from elsewhere, having fun things to do with your family and having a cyberspace's to enjoy, i am proud of that. i need to shift things
5:41 am
back over. >> bypass our -- 30,000 unemployed, 50,000 underemployed, 152,000 people on saddam spirit and $13 million on a bike paths? >> i do need to cut it off. >> there's a racial gap in educational outcomes for delaware. and african-americans make up 32% of high-school students, but make up 45% of all high-school dropouts. in contrast this with white students at make up 58% of high- school and only 3% of dropouts. surveys on the engagement and encouragement and parental involvement from the perspective of students does not show much difference. can you reassure the 192,000 african-americans in delaware that they are going to get high- quality education from delaware public schools? >> i do not think we are giving them a high-quality education in public schools today and we need
5:42 am
to do more for to put emphasis on not so that all children are created equal a. of two children. recently graduated from the print one school system. it has had one-third african- american school students, many are bussed from the city's better not really neighborhood schools. it is a problem. i am not about racially segmenting schools by moving the schools back in the city, but we have to find a better way to engage those parents. i remember when my children or young in the first and second grade, a young african-american students would come to school and fall asleep, or early in the day. i got involved with bat in the pta. their parents worked night shift, wanting to visit with their mom and dad, there would be up late into the evening, there would not get to sleep until the middle of the night.
5:43 am
and school would ship them off to the nurse's office. but students who are riding the a long way to thearen' school. a lot of things we ought to do creatively for students. it is a different population. >> rebuttal. >> education is a civil rights issue of our generation. we are making progress in delaware in terms of narrowing the achievement gap. as we do this we want to do it by raising the achievements of all students. that is what we are doing. i am more excited about what is or nonpublic schools in delaware that i have ever been. -- in public schools in delaware than i have ever been. we can first place to plant five years ago. it is one thing to win a
5:44 am
competition, and now we are making progress. announced two months ago for the school year ending in june, 10,000 more kids proficient in reading. >> i just want you to speak to the racial part. >> we narrowed that achievement gap. >> i am interested in the gaps. >> the investments we are making will help african-americans, it is our significant commitment to early childhood education. over the next five years, we will improve the percentage of high needs kids enrolled in a quality preschool. that is a game changer. if you ever met a 5-year-old that is a couple years behind, is a tragedy. the most effective investment we can make as an early childhood
5:45 am
education. the early childhood centers that were already really good, it is now financially irresponsible financial decision to admit kids that otherwise would not have been able to afford it. 40 centers but were not as good, the number of the financial wherewithal to make improvements to they will move up. the secretary of education discussed the goal of the department of education, to graduate children from high school better work force ready or college ready. the percentage of kids that graduated in 2012 was 47% work- force ready or college ready. for every one that is meeting the requirements, one is not. african-american students fall into the category of and not college ready and not work force ready. we do not have enough opportunities.
5:46 am
one of the things we need to do, and early child education is important, but there will not get through the system for 12 years. we need to look at expanding community college opportunities by adding a 13th year to high- school. >> how much is that going to cross? >> i do not know. it is one to add economic growth and going have a payback. it will work for delawareans. i am not this often left field, taxes are bad, government services are good, there are shades. but i think we can do that. and 10th grade, you declare yourself, you stay in high school for its fifth year. what happens to children and now to graduate from high school let go to deltech, the three-year
5:47 am
graduation rate is 7%. >> we are talking about high school dropouts. >> but if you do not graduate from high school you will never have the opportunities use the last word. >> with a credit program in delaware. jobs for dollar graduates. it exists in the 32 states. 93% success rate, keeping the most at risk kids. >> we are out of our question and answer portion. a request to move into the questions that come to us from students at the university of delaware and dollar state. our first question prince of gay marriage. >> in my opinion, is a civil right, two people who love each other the right to get married, if a bill,, how would you respond? >> jack markell.
5:48 am
>> i support it. four years ago when i became governor, it was legal in delaware to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, literally, we changed that. we signed the bill to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. in spring 2011 i signed a civil unions bill in front of 600 people to i asked the children of those same-sex couples to come up on the stage next led to them that i was signing the bill for them. so that they knew that in the eyes of the state, what they already knew, that they were a family, that we knew there were a family, that the love they have from their parents was the love we recognize in the state. this is something we disagree on. i support same-sex marriage jeff craig legalizationjeff does not -- i support same-sex marriage.
5:49 am
does not. >> i believe marriages between a man and woman. civil unions to the same thing as the connotation of marriage. i believe we to be respectful and nondiscriminatory. we should be respectful of people. but marriage should be a religious function and we should not open up marriage to same- sex. >> becky has our next question. cricks in drilling for natural gas has already begun in the upper delaware river. even though natural gas as a cleaner than burning -- are support you proposing any policy to protect the delaware river?
5:50 am
>> i support cracking. i guess my position would be the same as ed rendell. who said environmentalists need to realize that if racking it can be done safely and that there are tremendous economic advantages. natural gas is a clean, the cleanest of the fossil fuels. i am supportive of tracking. at the same time, we have to do it environmentally in an environmentally sound way. we have to be on top of it. my position is exactly the same as ed rendell. >> you think the regulations are safe today? >> i do. >> one minute. >> for me, this is not so much in its theological issue. last year, when i had a vote in the delaware river basin commission, to approve a tracking, i said i was not prepared to say yes. i had one vote to five.
5:51 am
because of my vote, it did not proceed, i think we can produce better. i think natural gas has significant advantages. i think we will create a lot of jobs. once you turn this faucet off, you cannot turn off. in my view is that the regulations, the reason i disagree in terms of regulations, we have studied it. the regulations between pennsylvania, new york, there were not consistent. should i become convinced that we have a sufficiently robust protections built in, then we can see supporting it. but at this point i am not there. >> but as do some follow-up. >> i am curious to know, our job is really the most optimal trade off to this tracking issue? >> i am not sure it is a trade off. >> i am not sure how far we have to go.
5:52 am
>> if we can do that environmentally sound, it is jobs and access. >> let us talk about our delaware beaches. they are treasury to the state of delaware. the reason we have a recreational industry -- is because it is environmentally won a place to be. >> if it harmed the waters, would you be of -- against cracking? >> appears clear evidence we are polluting, we cannot do that. >> that is why this is such a big issue. again, it was a very controversial position i took the time. was not one driven by ideology. i will be driven by the science. recently the national resources defense council ranked two of
5:53 am
delaware speech as among the best in the country two years in a row. -- delaware's beaches as among the best in the country two years in a row. >> can we keep them here to study the environment? >> my daughter is a student at the university of pennsylvania, she is very interested in these issues herself. i think delaware is a tremendous place. we have beautiful places, a wonderful environment. i think a great environment is a real bonus. people thought that was anti jos jobs, anti-economic development. businesses want to be here. >> let me gets jeff craig get in
5:54 am
here. >> one of the pollutants here is sulfur. and i think what we have done is actually waved the requirements to put that manufacturing in the coastal zone. they did it under some crazy theory that this was green energy. i would say, let us follow governmengovernor petersons lea. >> next student question. >> and student brings us to education issues. >> hello. , a graduate student. my question regards capital funding of chart >> schools. the receiver $1,000 less per student in a funding -- charter schools receive less in a funding a.
5:55 am
i think charter schools form a role. many drug range of options. but there -- we have a range of options. they really are not as cost efficient. the state should take a role funding of those. >> in the interest of full disclosure, my daughter graduated from the charter school. where does the money come from? when the charter school was passed in the 1990's, it was clear that capital funding would not be there. we have been in discussions for the last 1.5 years to find out if we can provide funding for charter schools, whether we get there or not i do not know. ifs in the meantime, we have and
5:56 am
challenging financial circumstances. he said he was going to raise taxes, maybe would raise taxes for this as well. >> there were school buildings that had less than 50% capacity. they have large sections of school buildings. we went back to the principles and have the principles determine what their school capacity was. and for the 100 has closed schools. i think there are opportunities for us to be more efficient. >> let me give you 30 seconds to respond. >> i think the brandi one thing was a few years back. we are starting to see private school parents starting to send children back to public schools.
5:57 am
for some families and his german economically. but it is a great time to move a foreword. 10,000 more kids proficient in reading, 9000 in math. >> our next student question from the lower state university. about crime prevention. >> what policies would you put in place to prevent first-time juvenile offenders from becoming adult offenders? >> a lot of it has to do with what kind of educational opportunities we are providing these kids. the investment an early childhood education may not make a difference next week, those investments will pay off over time. and the opening up community centers. when i go into families and talk to kids, they are certainly looking for things to do.
5:58 am
i also think, for a lot of these kids coming giving them a sense of what their future can actually be, and for a lot, it is difficult. they are growing up for the not necessarily see what they can achieve it. providing more internship opportunities. giving these kids a chance. it is incredible how much influence and with a positive impact a single metric can be. >> we talked about this the other day. i agree. one of the key things -- having children realize the opportunities available and to see the difficult things they have to do in junior high or high school. the other thing i am concerned about is criminalizing bad behavior. the internet is out there today. our records follow us.
5:59 am
third running for office from anything we have done is out there. i am concerned about what children will do in their 15, 16, 17 years old. s we have to find a way to deal with that effectively. people who stumble on not penalized for long time periods of time. >> let us talk about where delaware stands as far as juvenile correction. we are within a 15 years of a major overhaul. you feel a juvenile corrections is where it should be? so that we will not necessarily graduate from faris school to gander hilla? >> i will give a lot of credit to former governors who got us on this path. i give credit to those working within these institutions. within these institutions. i haven't met a lot

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